Two weeks ago I ditched the crutches after almost 11 weeks on them!

I had my 3 month post op appointment and X-Ray with Jit yesterday, and he’s still happy with how I’m going! The PAO has healed, but the same bone (ASIS) still has fragments that haven’t fused. And I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure he said something like this also indicates some muscles haven’t reattached.

I’ve been getting a lot of pain in my left lower back and on the front boney part of my hip, where it feels badly bruised and even if i rest my arms on my hip it will really hurt. He thinks that’s all related to the unhealed bone and also coming off the crutches. Hugh also elbowed me right on this bone the other night, and it took a good 20 minutes for the pain to settle down.

I’m also still getting a lot of snapping and he thinks that’s just the psoas and not the labrum.

He wants me to get back to my normal life, including playing sport (it’s been two years, summa bod come at me), and also start working again. This way I can get a better idea if the PAO has made an improvement, and if I’m feeling really good he’ll do my right one in earliest 9-12 months.

After Jit I went to physio and we discussed it’s still a good 6 weeks away until I can start a running program. Structurally everything is okay for me to start running, but I haven’t run in 2 years let alone since just before surgery, so I need to build up strength in the right muscles so I don’t do my ACL or any other injuries.

To prove this to me, I did three left single leg squats and on the third my knee turned in and I was already tired. So it was pretty obvious I’m not ready yet.  Once I’m able to run and am capable of the agility etc I can fill in for netball!
I’m starting a weighted gym program for 3 times a week and I’m still up to standard for where I should be in recovery. Two weeks ago she tested the strength in both my legs and they were in the 90’s, and yesterday when they were checked again, my left was 110 and my right was 111 so I’m getting there!

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