I saw Jit for my first post op appointment last week and had my 6 week xray. He said the Osteotomy itself looks really good and is healing really well, but my anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS), Aka the pointy hip bone that sticks out from the front, hasn’t fused. Because of this I’m not coming off crutches this week… I’ve got another 3 weeks on one crutch to hopefully let it heal. Although I have taken a few sneaky unaided steps because I feel fine and I’m sick of them.

I asked what the process would be if I came back in 6 weeks and it still hasn’t healed, and he said it’s not going to happen!
I also got the stitch removed that was stopping my wound from healing, so it’s finally completely closed up.

The snapping in my hip has started happening again, like before surgery. It’s little loud clicks if I move in certain directions. They’re not painful and Alesha thinks it’s just because I’m starting to move around more so my muscles are getting back to work.

My upper left leg feels tender and like there’s a lot of pressure, but this is just because I’m getting sensation back in my leg. I was also getting a burning pain in my groin that Alesha thought could be nerve pain, but Jit said that would be from the unhealed bone.

I’m still using a shower chair and a seat when I get out of the shower to help me get dressed, but things like getting in and out of the car are now easy and it’s not hard at all to use my hip muscles when I’m lifting my leg.

I’ve added in box squats, calf raises and drop down exercises so we’re still progressing even though the bone hasn’t fused.




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