I’ve been to the physio twice since my last post. Before the first session I was feeling pretty sore and I had been doing a little too much bending. My range had decreased but we were able to get it back to normal. We added in side lying leg raises and they started off so hard that it would mentally take all my strength to get my leg off the bed and I would be sweating by the end of it.

I had another blood test to recheck my iron levels which are now fine but my vitamin B12 is down. I had my wound checked at the doctor as it started to get infected and I was put on antibiotics. I ended up going back to the MOG to get a stitch removed because they thought I had a stitch abscess.

Almost 6 weeks post op and the bottom 1cm of my wound still hasn’t completely closed over which is a long time for it to be open, so I’m still putting steri strips on that part.  The last time I changed one over my skin bled because it’s so sensitive and sick of them!

I went back to physio last week and have been having some groin pain. Alesha was able to massage it out but a day after that it had already returned. At the end of this week I’ll start weaning down to one crutch indoors for a couple of hours a day.

I haven’t taken any panadol since about week 3 and have been able to go to 21st’s and out shopping. I start uni again tomorrow but won’t be taking public transport in!
I also drove to the supermarket and that was fine. The most difficult part was putting the crutches in the car from the drivers seat.

I see Jit next week for my 6 week post op appointment and will have an Xray beforehand to check if the bones have fused.

5 weeks post op scar

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