I’m really surprised how easy the recovery has been.. it actually makes me laugh. I was expecting it to be so much worse. I’ve only been taking panadol since I got out of hospital, and since then have cut down to 2-4 tablets a day.

The first night out of hospital I woke up quite a few times with burning in my heels, feeling like I was developing pressure sores. I’ve now got sheep skin on my bed and it’s made a big difference.

My left leg has been rotating both to the left and right so I’ve had to stick a pillow under my knee when I sleep to keep it straight and comfortable. I’ve also got about 10 pillows on my bed for the various positions and for when I want to sleep on my side which I can now do with a pillow between my legs 🙂

When I get pain it feels like the bones in my bum badly need to crack, but most of the time when I’m sitting in a comfortable chair I don’t feel anything different at all.

I had to go to my doctor last week because my blood tests taken in the hospital weren’t very good. My haemoglobin is low at 10.2 when its supposed to be 12.0, so i have to take iron tablets and make sure I eat lots of red meat.

The skin on my legs have been peeling like I’ve never seen before but it’s just a reaction to the surgery and the DVT socks, which I no longer have to wear because I’m moving around a lot more.

I saw Alesha on Friday and she massaged my hip and gave me an extra exercise with a theraband. I’ve been doing 5 minutes on the exercise bike every day since then and it doesn’t hurt at all!

Yesterday I got my dressings off and another X-Ray taken. The breaks can be seen more clearly in this one and it looks like everything is in place. Now I just have a long steri strip covering the wound which stays on for a few more weeks.


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