I’m officially screwed! Surgery went well, in fact Jit said I definitely needed a PAO. I lost 1.5L of blood, but he was able to give me 500ml back. My hip subluxated on the table like it did when I had my labrum repaired, and he said the joint was really unstable. I also had tears on the capsule of my femur which he repaired while he was in there that had obviously gotten there since my surgery in May last year.

I was the first patient on the list, after having a nurse talk to me for about 10 minutes about literally everything that could go wrong in surgery, I had a shower with special antiseptic and an ECG, and then went into theatre by 9am. Surgery for 3 hours, and back to my room by about 1pm. I had a spinal block so couldn’t feel from my waist down for about 6 hours after. The last thing I remember is being doped up on happy medication and holding onto some guy who was supporting me on the edge of the table while they inserted the needle into my spine. It was also cold in theatre.

I was feeling really good afterwards.. Like the best I have felt post anaesthetic. I was able to stomach dinner, stay awake and complete sudoku’s really quickly.  I had a PCA machine so if I clicked a button I’d be given a dose of Fentalyn.

That night and the next day the nausea kicked in. I couldn’t stomach anything, vomitted when physio tried to get me up and it was just all around bad. Try retching and spewing with a big incision on your stomach. Even though I couldn’t do anything with her, apparently I was one of the best PAO patients she’d ever seen. I was put on a CPM machine for 5 hours to keep my leg moving to 80 degrees in a cyclic motion. I also couldn’t remember much from the day before, like conversations, doing certain things, and sending legible text messages. I’m still discovering what actually happened when I was in hospital.


Day 2 I was still nauseated and vomitting… Physio came around again and I had another vom. Then another and another. I drifted in and out of sleep for most of the days. My catheter was taken out that morning, and they also realised my pain buster hadn’t been unclamped like it was supposed to after surgery. It’s like a ball of medicine which delivers local anaesthetic directly into the hip by a line. So it was good to know that had been turned on even though my pain was a only a 1/10.

On day 3 post op I was still nauseated and none of the anti nausea meds they were giving me were working. Jit came in and said “stop looking so sad, I’m so used to seeing you happy” 😍 and he put me on sudafed because the hypermobility was bringing my blood pressure down. The sudafed brought it back up from about 90/50 to 110/50. This worked wonders. That afternoon I was able to get up for physio and went for a walk. We switched from the frame to crutches and I went on the CPM again for 3 hours.

Post op day 4 and I’ve had my morning sudafed and feeling gr8. I got up and had a shower all on my own, even moved the shower chair from the toilet to the shower. Physio came and we practiced stairs and exercises. During the day since my nausea was gone, I pretty much felt invincible getting in and out of bed myself. Though that night I was pretty sore and felt like my left abs had done a serious work out, as they forgot to give me endone during the day. My abs (or lack of) are probably bruised and have been moved around during surgery. Some abdominal muscles also connect to the pelvis which could also be a cause.

I sneezed for the first and hopefully last time. I’ve read about this happening and it was just as painful as they described.. Like the wound was being ripped open.

Overall the nausea has been the worst part of it all. The pain will probably get worse now that I’m home and moving around a bit, but atleast the joint is moving too. Can’t say I’m looking forward to getting my right hip done though.. Thank god you only have two hips.


Wound + Pain buster



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