It’s exactly two weeks today until I go under the knife. I’ve gotten my raised toilet seat and shower chair organised and am in the process of potentially getting an exercise bike. I bought a new bed and mattress last year (bed of clouds), I’ve bought a maternity pillow and some oversized underwear to wear over the swelling. I’m feeling pretty prepared.
I even have Scrub Nurse Bear ready to keep me company in hospital. IMG_2282.JPG

Yesterday I saw the physio after having pain post falls festival. I wore a pedometer while I was there which said I walked around 15km a day…. Atleast 3 times the distance I would walk on an average day, so I guess that kind of explains why I’ve been in pain. My right hip had been compensating for my left, and my left hip capsule is inflammed. I was supposed to be working almost every day leading up to surgery but the inflammation needs to get under control otherwise it’s harder for Jit to operate, so I’ve gotten some shifts covered (shout out to Hugh thx for covering).

During surgery they’re going to recycle my blood by putting the blood I’ve lost back into my body so I hopefully won’t need a blood transfusion. It also helps them keep track of how much blood I’m losing. Not really sure how it works but that’s pretty cool. I’m mainly interested in how many screws I’m going to end up with.. it seems like different people have different numbers so it’s a mystery how many I’ll have. I also don’t exactly know where the incision is being made since Jit takes a different approach to his PAO’s. I guess I’ll find out afterwards.

This morning I went to the doctor after having a cold on and off since early December. Hopefully I can get it under control with antibiotics otherwise I’ll have to let Jit know I’m not 100%, and Alesha has said before he sometimes refuses to operate.

Now I just have to make sure I get rid of this cold, don’t injure or cut myself, and do a few little things before surgery. By the time the 22nd comes I think I’ll be handing Jit the scalpel myself.

Catch y’all on the flip side

PAO in T-Minus 14 Days



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