Post Placement.

Today I finally finished my three week nursing placement in a Geriatric Psychiatric ward. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but I’m really happy it’s over because my body feels like death.

Jit gave me a note before I started which allowed me to work 6 hour days instead of 8.5, it was really tempting to use it but I never did.
I saw Alesha in the middle of placement when I was feeling pretty sore and she gave me a massage and said it was to be expected.
The last week has been a lot harder with a lot of pressure on both my hips so I saw Alesha again today and we spoke a little about the PAO which I now have a date for! January 22nd.

She said Jit has done the most PAO’s in Australia and that he’s really cautious when it comes to infections etc… so if I go into surgery with a small cut on my leg he’s not going to operate. I’m not allowed to think “my hips are going to get better so I can do what I want” in the lead up to surgery, because the more tears and inflammation makes it a more complicated surgery… so ideally my hips need to be the best they’ve ever felt when I go in. That means no walks or anything that will irritate my hips which is annoying since I had found some walks I was interested in doing over the next few weeks.. and there’s not much else I can do.

Unless I have more discomfort, I won’t have anymore physio until 2 weeks post PAO, and I just have to take anti-inflammatories for the next week or so to settle the inflammation.

For a brief over view of the surgery here is an animation.. although Jit takes a different approach so he doesn’t cut through muscle

PAO in T-Minus 42 Days



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