Yes to PAO + What is it?

Today I saw Jit, and we agreed I’d have a PAO in January 2016. He pretty much told me to do it.. and that’s unlike him. He said no bone showed up on the X-Ray I had taken last week, so it was unlikely there was any ossification in my psoas muscle. So if there’s no ossification.. then what’s causing my pain? Well.. he examined me.. and I think going to Europe was the problem.

He thinks all the pressure from walking in Europe has caused tears to my labrum at the base on my hip socket. So where he repaired all my tears in the scope, they still remain intact and all nice when looked at in my most recent MRI taken post Europe; but where the ball meets the socket he suspects there are new tears.

The PAO recovery will be 8 weeks. 4 weeks on two crutches partial weight bearing, and 4 weeks on 1 crutch weight bearing as tolerated…then lots of physio. I’ll be in hospital for about 5 days, and the screws will be removed when he does a PAO on my right hip, no sooner than 12 months after my left.

I can start running 3 months post op on a treadmill, providing my right hip doesn’t hurt. By then, it will have been about 2 years since I last ran, and I’ve never liked treadmills so that will be interesting. I also proposed doing a fun run before having the surgery as a goodbye to dysplastic hips… and Jit gave me a big no.

I’ve enrolled into one subject for first semester next year which I can do while I’m recovering. It only has 2 contact hours a week so it shouldn’t be too hard.

What is a PAO?

The surgery itself involves cutting the pelvis at 5 specific locations, rotating it so the femoral head is now sufficiently covered by the acetabulum, and then fixing it into this position with screws. Bone then forms around and into this new positioning. The aim of a PAO is to preserve and restore functioning of the hip, and possibly avoid hip replacement in the future.  It is major surgery, supposed to be worse than a hip replacement, and can have significant complications.


I have my 3 week nursing placement coming up soon, with 8.5 hour days. Jit has said that if I’m finding it too hard and want a day off I can call up for a sick note or get some Prednisolone from him which has made me feel a bit better about it 🙂

You can follow my progress using #SHEVGETSSCREWED 

Let’s get it trending 😉


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