Just kidding, no HO.

5 months post left scope + labrum repair

False alarm everyone! There is no bone growing in my psoas muscle! The MRI showed what looked to the radiologist like a bone, but what must have been some oedema, because the X-Ray came up with nothing. I saw Jit today and he’s very happy with this news as he was pretty concerned when he saw the MRI, but we no longer have to worry about removing the bone or breaking it down because it doesn’t exist.

With this news Jit told me he was looking now at doing a periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) on both hips, one at a time, which is what i’ve been advocating for for about the last 12 months. He said there’s no point doing soft tissue surgery (repairing tears), because it doesn’t have a good success rate with hypermobile people like me. Bone operations like PAO’s seem to work better, so we’re thinking of fixing my left hip up first in January with 3 months recovery time.

In the meantime i’m still going to have my 6 week X-Ray in about 2 weeks time to be sure there is no bone there, and I have to continue on the strong anti-inflammatories. I’m going back to see Jit in 4 weeks, and I’ll keep up my exercises with Alesha. This is really important because I now have to build up strength for surgery, and Jit actually said as a hypermobile patient I need to be more fit than the average person. Reminder that I haven’t exercised for a long long time and I wouldn’t be surprised if an obese person was more fit than I am. At the moment Alesha has me hitting the gym really hard for about 2 minutes while I use the leg press with zero extra weight! It’s actually really embarrassing but I can feel it’s working my muscles a lot.



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