New Bone?

15 Weeks Post Left Scope + Labrum Repair

So today I saw Alesha and got my MRI results. Good news is there’s no damage to the labrum or any work that was done during the operation! Although the MRI does show a bone growth inside my iliopsoas muscle which is consistent with the symptoms i’m presenting with (again, i’m more evolved). It’s called either a heterotypic bone formation or myositis officans, Jit will need to decide which one. It’s the presence of bones where they usually do not exist, like in my case.. randomly in a muscle.

I’ve been getting random catching sensations causing severe pain for about 5 seconds when I make certain movements, and on a few occasions I’ve had difficulty walking because the catching pain lingers around.

The pain is pretty much being caused because every time I make these specific movements, the muscle/tendon/soft tissue? (I can’t remember) is being squashed between the hip socket and the bone growth, because it’s location is right next to the acetabulum rim.

Alesha is going to call Jit on Monday and he’ll make a decision on what happens as Alesha can’t go any further with physio until he makes a decision. Treatment options are a cortisone injection, medication, or surgery. It’s a bit of a setback again for recovery but we’ll see how it goes.

This week mum went and saw the pharmacologist that Jit referred her to. He pretty much said that mum and I both have hyper mobility. We have symptoms like getting migraines, low blood pressure, subluxation.. and being able to do things like this:


It’s pretty much an explanation for why we have loose joints and all of mum’s medical problems.

I will know more about my new bone when I see or hear from Jit and Alesha next week!


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