I arrived home about 5 days ago and my hips are still pretty sore from the flight!

Yesterday I saw Jit in the morning for a quick appointment. First we saw his fellow and I told him how I’ve been feeling over the last few weeks while I’d been away, and then he did some tests on me and grabbed Jit.
I read out some dot points for Jit to help me remember everything about what it was like when I was overseas and this is what they were:

  • Couldn’t walk further than about 1km without getting really tired in hips and having to stop
  • Range was decreased almost every day
  • Getting sharp pulling pains in groin at least 3 times every day – not sure if scar tissue
  • Physically tired too, would have a nap every day
  • Find it hard to walk the dog since getting back
  • Not sure if other parts of body are starting to get affected, like knees when walking down stairs and coccyx when sitting
  • Swollen at the end of every day
  • Not sure about finishing degree if i’m not able to physically work as a nurse

He said it was fair enough for me to be reconsidering my career but he had a note from Alesha sent before I went away saying I was doing really well, so it was something I should speak to her about. He tested both my hips and thinks the pain is to do with scar tissue, but I’m having an MRI on that hip just to make sure on Sunday. My right hip has a lot more range as it’s hyper mobile but I think my left is restricted from all that it’s been through over the last 6 weeks. The right hip still has positive signs of impingement too. I see Jit again in 6 weeks.

Later in the day I went to see Alesha for some physio and read out the same list of things I read to Jit. She said that she’s not concerned that anything will show up on the MRI but scar tissue. I spoke to her about Uni and I’ve decided that I’ll just finish the course and work it out from there since I’m already half way through. She said she was impressed I got through the trip without being in a lot of pain. My capsule is inflamed so I need to take anti-inflammatories for 5 days and not really walk anywhere. She said it was good that she was able to get a lot of my range back and get rid of some discomfort just from releasing muscles through massaging.

Because I went away I have pretty much taken 6 weeks steps back into my recovery.
Alesha explained that not only were my hips tired but my body was obviously tired because I was napping every day… so imagine how my hips really felt.

I’m going back to see her next Friday so I should have the MRI results then 🙂


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