I’ve been travelling for 27 days and I can feel the effect it’s having on my body. Not only is it really really hot but recently I am struggling to find the energy to walk, and I’m getting a lot of twinges of pain which I suspect is scar tissue. These happen at least 3 times a day when I move in certain directions and the pain goes away after about 15 seconds but it’s pretty uncomfortable.
Hugh asks me quite often if I’m limping. I think he’s over cautious but sometimes I do.

I haven’t been using the crutch much as it’s more annoying than anything, and especially in Italy the footpath isn’t crutch friendly.

I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to climb the 463 steps up the Duomo in Florence yesterday but I struggled to even walk a few kilometres today so it was for the best.

Two more weeks left travelling and I will be going into hibernation for my body to recover and going back to see Alesha for a good massage then to Jit.

Next stop is Greece where I plan to start my relaxation and recovery.


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