I am writing en route to Amsterdam!

The plane trip from Melbourne to Dublin wasn’t so bad, I slept about 3 hours where Hugh slept for atleast 12. The time past rather quickly as I sat and was mesmerised by the satellite images of the plane moving towards our destination for the whole trip. I watched 0 movies and 1 20 minute TV show.. For the whole time I watched the plane. It was great. No regrets.

My hips on the plane didn’t bother me at all, it was actually my bottom and back that were causing me a lot of pain. I tried to use the plane pillows to support myself however this didn’t help. I will have to talk to Alesha about this when I get back as I am still having trouble with it when I sit on the train, and buses. I don’t think I sit on the right part of my bum. I met my mum in Ireland and she had brought over some special pillows for herself to sit on so she gave me one to take and use for my trip. I used this on the plane over to Paris and it has so far been good.

The last 10 days have been very exhausting for my body. I’m finding it hard to walk longer than 800 meters without stopping for a sit down, and unfortunately I forget to look at the artwork in museums because I’m too busy concentrating on making it to the end of the corridor or where the next seat is.

My thighs at the end of each day are getting very swollen so we have had to buy an ice pack. It is providing some relief and is decreasing the swelling. I’ve taken my crutch out with me for a few days and it’s helped a bit however I’ve found that my right hip hurts on these days, as it takes a lot of the weight.

I went on a bike tour in Versailles. Riding the bike itself was not painful but I was very tired and stiff at the end of it. When we got home Hugh tested my range and I had gone from 40 degrees to 10 degrees. We managed to get this back with the exercises alesha showed us.

It hasn’t helped that our studio in Paris has been on the 4th floor up 67 steps. Hopefully in Amsterdam there will be a lift.


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