Tomorrow night I fly out to Europe! Hugh, my crutch and I. I think i’m ready!

I’m all packed and ready to go including my big bag of meds which may or may not look suspicious, i’m not sure..


Hugh and I are going to try and get upgraded, using my crutch as a prop so fingers crossed it’s an empty flight!

Today I saw Alesha again. She asked me to bring Hugh so she could have a chat to him about understanding what my body is recovering from so he needs to know my limits… so things like not partying too hard and trying not to have consecutive walking days.
She also taught him how to test and improve my range of motion which we will probably have to do every day, and how to look out for my incorrect stance. Hugh actually said he was impressed I was able to stand comfortably in that position, which is before I correct my sway.
Subconsciously I stand on the balls of my feet, my hips pop out into the front of the sockets and my back curves, so i look like this:


But when I correct my sway, I shift the weight to the heels of my feet and automatically my hips slip back into their normal position and my back straightens out. This was picked up by Andrew in one of my first physio appointments over a year ago and I’m still being caught out on it.

I went to Bared last week after physio and bought the orthopaedic sandals. They are so comfortable! Their website is http://www.bared.com.au if you want to check them out. Each shoe comes with a footbed, kind of like an orthotic with different notches and domes to create support. Then the actual shoe itself is designed to properly cushion your feet, via depth and incline. I was actually watching Australia’s next top model and noticed Jen Hawkins had a pair on her, so there you go! These are the sandals I picked out 🙂 Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 2.51.28 pm

Not long after I get back from Europe I’ll be seeing Jit and Alesha again, and booking in to see the exercise physiologist.


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