Recently there hasn’t been much to write about up until now.

I saw Alesha again last Thursday. We’ve bumped up my exercises to the next level (drop downs and squats). I’ll be going back to see her this Friday purely because I’m heading to Europe so soon and I need to get my strength up for all the walking.

The only pain I’ve really had in my left hip was one night I went to turn over in bed and something pulled in my hip. The best way to explain it, is that I seriously thought I had pulled out the sutures and anchors for about 45 seconds until the 7/10 pain faded away. After that I was fine. I explained this to Alesha and she said around this time it is normal to get some scar tissue pain and even though it does hurt a lot, it’s normal.
I’m still unsure if the cortisone has worked in my right hip, only because I am not as mobile as I usually am, and I get most of my pain when I walk/stand for long periods of time. This is probably the appropriate time to mention that I work casually as a pool lifeguard and stand for 4 hour shifts. When I get home I sit down and barely move for the rest of the day.

I had a little issue with my walking gait once I weened off the crutches… I sort of looked like a cowboy and couldn’t balance properly, especially when I tried to walk too quickly. I need to make sure I fix that up.. walking is much harder than it seems! I’ve ditched the crutches for good this week yay! It’s pretty tiring without them but it’s nice not having to lug them around everywhere and my hands can finally get a break! She’s shown me how to get Hugh to improve my range when I’m in Europe by gently applying pressure while I pull against him… it didn’t really work when we tried so we’re going to have to sort that one out and maybe practice it a bit more. Alesha said that if my range is decreased it will be what causes me pain and problems, so it needs to be kept perfect, especially since I won’t be getting physio up until the 12 week mark like I should.

I also brought in my lovely worn out Salt Water sandals to show her what I was planning on walking around in while I’m in Europe, and she basically said they are the same as wearing thongs, they just have a strap that supports the heel. I’ve decided that it’s not worth undoing the recovery and putting my body at risk for injury, therefore later this week i’m going to look at some orthopaedic shoes which are also somewhat fashionable. The company is called ‘Bared’, and whilst they are expensive, they were recommended to me by Alesha and are a much better alternative to what I currently have.

Today I saw Jit! He explained that the CAM lesion was shaved off, although he doesn’t think it was the main cause of the labral tear, the dysplasia is. He also said there was some early signs of arthritis from where the labrum was torn but they’re very early so there’s no need to worry at the moment. There is no plan for a PAO for now, but when I get back from Europe I will see an exercise physiologist who he’s recommended and will hopefully strengthen me up to help with the hyper mobility. He said I could see a pharmacologist for the hyper mobility although I didn’t really see the point, as the diagnosis is already there.

I’m ‘exceeding expectations’ for recovery at the moment but he wants me start doing 10 mins on an exercise bike every day and take one crutch overseas. He’s also prescribed me aspirin to prevent blood clots, valium for when the pain gets really bad, and celebrex as an anti-inflammatory.

He didn’t seem to think that going overseas would interfere with my recovery so all in all it’s good news :). I see Jit again when I get back from Europe in about 8 weeks time.

Here are some nice photo’s of my scars



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