This week I saw Alesha, Andrew’s co-physio, and she gave me a big heads up as to what to expect when I’m overseas. To sum it up it’s pretty much like this:
– Going away this soon is a bad idea and I’m beginning to regret the timing of the surgery
– I can expect to be in pain and I’ll need to rest at every chance I get
– I’m at risk of getting a DVT on the flight over there not only because of the post surgery risk, but I’m also on the pill, and I also take daily migraine prevention medications which put me at higher risk.
– Even though at the moment I feel like I could go for a run… studies have shown that the labrum doesn’t fully heal until the 12 week mark. I leave Australia at the 8 week mark…..

Sooooo I have been told that I need to be really really sensible and that I need to listen to my body. I think mum usually recovers really quickly (even though she’s not supposed to) so we all just thought it would be the same.

This week I’m starting to use one crutch and then next week I’ll be switching to using one crutch all the time when inside.

I also had a read of my op report at physio, and it seems like more than just my labrum was repaired.
The tear to my labrum was full thickness from 11 to 1. That means that is was completely torn off the bone from these sections:

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 3.11.42 pm

It says that a capsulotomy was performed so I presume my hip capsule was reshaped a bit, and I also had CAM Impingement, so the CAM lesion on the femoral head was shaved off as well. I’ll be going over all this with Jit soon though.. so I’ll have more of an idea then.

If you like watching gross stuff like me, this video pretty much shows everything they did during the surgery. I got a bit of a fright when I saw how bare the patient’s are when they’re put into the traction….How naive of me…It’s safe to say that I’m glad I watched the video after the surgery solely for that reason.

Labrum repair: 14.15
Capsulotomy: 17.20


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