The last week went fairly easy!
I had my first physio appointment on Wednesday, and have gone back to the very basic hip exercises that I started with about 12 months ago.. Only this time they’re pretty hard. I can feel how weak I am and now understand the importance of strengthening before surgery.

It feels really weird when I do the exercises on my left side.. My leg feels really heavy and different, but it doesn’t hurt! I was pretty sore and tired after physio though… Andrew tested my range of motion and then gave me a massage which unfortunately doesn’t sound as nice as it should. He said he was happy with me but he wants me to stay on two crutches for another two weeks.

Today I got my dressings off!!! 16 days post op! I only have 2 incisions, and they look pretty tidy! There is still some swelling and bruising but that will go down soon. One of the incisions hasn’t closed up so steri strips have been reapplied and I have to leave them on for at least 10 days. The nurse said I definitely needed the labrum repaired and two anchors have been placed to reattach the labrum to the bone.

Where the dressing on my right hip looked pretty messy, turns out it was literally only a tiny little hole where the cortisone needle was inserted that created that mess.

Heres what they look like now:

Left Hip
Right Hip

My post op appointment has been booked to see Jit in 3 weeks 🙂


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