Considering I rated my pain a 7/10 in the recovery room just a week ago to now not taking any pain killers, rarely even panadol, I’m feeling pretty good.
My right hip is actually more sore than my left, probably because i’ve been weight bearing on it, and the joint is as unstable as my left.

This week I am seeing my Physio on Wednesday, for those of you who are also a patient of Jit’s I see Andrew Wallis whom he referred me to, and for you footy fans out there he’s the head physio at St Kilda. At some point I’ll be getting the dressings taken off thank god… I’m looking forward to and probably need a proper shower. Try showering without getting both hips wet and you will feel my pain.

Apparently my post op appointment with Jit actually isn’t until the 6 week mark which sucks because I need to sort out my life! I’m trying to work out if I should change Uni courses and if I do, to what, and I need more info about the surgery, the future, and Jit’s advice on everything. I don’t have much time left to do it either. I’ll probably have a chat to Andrew about it this week and get a bit of an idea. Jit asked me about 10 months ago if there was any other area I was interested in, and we discussed domestic nursing etc, but to do that I will have to get through 480 hours of clinical placement, a requirement of my course, which is physically too hard. He said that he has so many patient’s with hip problems that are nurses…and just speaking to people who work in the area, it seems hip problems and nursing do not work.

Something Jit briefly mentioned last week, however, which I’m excited about, is that he wants me to do some weights and cycling at the gym! It’s been a year since I last did any form of exercise other than walking and now I can start to feel like I’m not such a fatty! I’m currently eating a bowl of ice-cream and maybe I shouldn’t feel so guilty about it. I think I will be limited to a small amount of exercises and I won’t be able to start for another while but it’s a big improvement!

This week I aim to move back into my own bed. I’ve been sleeping in a lower trundle in a separate room with a softer mattress but I miss my electric blanket.

I’ve uploaded my dGEMRIC MRI’s from October last year which confirmed the tears in both my hips. I don’t know how to read them, there’s only two MRI machines in Melbourne that have the computer software to conduct them, but the pretty little colourful dots are fun to look at! I was injected with Gandolinium contrast, and somehow it shows that the quality of my cartilage is good! I think the blue colours are bad but don’t quote me on that.

right hip

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