It’s been 48 hours since surgery and so far it hasn’t been too bad!

The surgery went well and as planned, my surgeon (Jit Balakumar for those who were asking) came and saw me yesterday morning before I was discharged and we had a brief chat about what he saw.

Firstly, when he got me up on the table, my hip automatically dislocated and the joint separated 4-5cm without any use of traction, or insertion of fluid in the joint space which he would usually have to do. He said this shocked everyone in the operating room and he now thinks I not only have dysplasia but also hypermobility syndrome, causing my ligaments, tendons, muscles and even blood vessels to be way more flexible than they should be.

The good news is though, that he fixed the tear to the labrum and that the quality of my cartilage is still in great condition and the joint capsule looks great!

In my right hip he inserted the cortisone and left me with quite a battle wound!

Left hip
Right hip

Overnight I was pretty out of it and quite nauseous. I had visitors and can’t remember parts of what was happening. Apparently it was like a toddler’s brain in a teenagers body. I kept asking my mum to squeeze my nose through the oxygen mask, and I yelled out something to do with ‘special K’ when I was receiving Ketamine through an IV. Then I kept saying I couldn’t see any of their faces on repeat. Exhibit A:


Pain is at a steady 2-3/10, but I’m still a bit numb from the nerve block in my leg. I’ve slowly discovered that sleeping on my back is not that great and going to the toilet is not that easy. The crutches aren’t too bad at the moment, I’m partially weight bearing so it’s not too tough on my arms!

For the next few weeks I think I’ll start watching House of Cards and catch up on some TV. I also have to start a 2000 word essay and go to uni on Thursday :(. My boyfriend gave me a big bag of chocolate and lollies so it will be that little bit easier!

The future is a bit unclear at the moment, but will be spoken about in more detail with Jit in the post op appointment in two weeks. He touched on doing a PAO in about 12 months time as the next step, unless I had a really good outcome from this scope, in which he would scope my right hip. Though, the reality is that the cartilage will tear again so he can’t see that happening.


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