Hi guys! My name’s Siobhan and I am 21 years old living with Hip Dysplasia and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 3, in Melbourne.

A lot of babies are found and are thus treated early with hip dysplasia, but unfortunately there isn’t a big support network out there for the adults. This is one of the reasons why I thought I would get online and share my story so that others can get an insight into my experiences with bilateral hip dysplasia.

I found reading blogs from other hippies when I was diagnosed helped me to understand my options, and what to expect. Another reason I’m doing this is so I don’t have to keep repeating my situation over and over to those around me… and also just to get the word out there for those who don’t know much, or anything at all about the condition.


5 thoughts on “ABOUT ME.

  1. kay wilton says:

    Im now 54, 10 yrs ago i had major reconstruction left then right hips total replacement, thjs was carried out at Exeter Orthopedic hospital Devon Uk,,,Mr Gie was my surgeon,,,,amazing ,,,i was born with high riding sockets, was not detected until i was 4,,,,,spent awhile in Birmingham Orthopaedic Hospital to try and correct too complex,,,im here for any info and support

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  2. Draglet says:

    Hi I’m now 36 was born with DDH spent first year of life in a plaster cast, double nappies, then followed with a harness and traction, then several operations, I have had severe issues with my hips all my life am in considerable pain and no one seems to want to help me, they just throw painkillers at me and send me on my way. There is hope though for your children, I have 3 and fortunately not one of them has had any issue. I hope you get the help you need and are left pain free.

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  3. bstapleton1 says:

    Hello Siobhan! I too, was late-blooming bilaterallydysplastic, at the age of 32. I pray you find a physician who takes the time to be aware, to create a tomorrow for you, and to provide you with what you need to walk in this life without pain, without residual effects, and without looking back! Good luck!

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